What do random members of the public want to see the artist do? How can the general public inform an artist's practice? How can connecting with strangers help overcome a creative block?

A short experiment in how the editing process can add layers of content...

The brain, disorganized by a major depressive episode
Actively distracted by
withdrawal from some tired psychotropic medications and
the lag time to achieve a
'steady state' (at least in the blood) of
some shiny new pills
The video, a log of one day's effort to get
dressed and out the door
Edited by s t r e t ch ing it out and
then adding back in slivers of
greenery, the search for relief
itself another interruption

Throw, pop, dump, swallow, toss, pour, hurl.
Force applied to matter.

In between.
Perhaps knowing, but not trusting that you know. Sometimes giving
the right answers,
but only by repeating
what you have been told is true.
Having lost all first-hand
knowledge of your
own life.

in memory of Bea